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A Scientific Documentary Series
by Dr. Jerry O. Lee.

Worlds Without End

Season 1 - Unknown Universe - A Scientific Documentary

Season 1- Episode 2
Particle Physics

Dr. Jerry O. lee interviews Dr. Roger Moore on particle physics and quantum entanglement in addition to the latest revelations of the newly discovered GOD particle.

Season 1 - Episode 1
Black Holes and The Mystery
of the Universe

Dr. Jerry O. Lee interviews Dr. Don Page on the latest revelations in quatum physics and black holes as it relates to infinite dimentions in the universe.


Black Hole Manual

The Black Hole Manual Book is not a book of common reading. Its range of information breaks theory sound barriers. If you have strained to find the answers to the science scrapbooks of universe theories but the tangle is still untangled, then this book belongs to your rights to know the reasons the Universe is the way it is. In the deep face of this book is the story about the keeper of the heavens and the keepers of the earth…

Lattilution Vs. Evolution

Now comes a book whose pages shimmered off of Starlight Revelation. “Evolution” is not disrespected and trashed, but rather is put in the proper perspectives of where it belongs. “Lattilution” raises marvels of insight that vanish the primitive mode and vanish the false stories about the who and why of the creation of the Universe and the Earth. Discover how the term, “Lattice” from which “Lattilution” comes carries the message of the long of all realities.

Star Rise

The sensational story revealed from the Bible about the rise of humans into the vast space of the universe to bring messages of hope and peace.

StarriseCover. The destined friendship of their spirits has produced a work of art that is truly and uniquely compelling.  Pearls of Writ is a testament to the riches that can be found within two hearts, and an invitation to search out our own.

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